images scruff app not working

They have continuously closed out the requests with no communication what so ever nor will they give me my money back. Never had any problems with this app. This app used to be solid. Has a much more desire able man on this site. That is one of the only reasons why I keep my iPhone with me is so that I can use your app. Now it's just a revenue stream. No non singles allowed. This app will not allow you to create and save a profile. Local And national guys.

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  • SMS verification issues · SCRUFF version 4 no longer supported · Update, remove or resolve a profile photo issue · Connection errors · SCRUFF Support login.

    Scruff App Reviews User Reviews of Scruff

    If you receive a connection error when attempting to open SCRUFF or load grids, please see the following information for additional details on testing your. The email and password for your SCRUFF Support account may not be the same For the best experience, we recommend using in-app Support in SCRUFF.
    From hook-ups to happily ever after, Scruffs got the goods or goodies I should say. Not into the Twink scene that tends to dominate Grindr.

    Gets the job done. The guys also look like men.

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    Hooking Up Is Illegal Here.

    images scruff app not working
    Apparently I'm a sexy daddy. This app is okay. Got locked out and could not access my account for 48 hours lost all my messages.

    Customer reviews SCRUFF Gay Guys Worldwide

    However, they need to complete certain features. They get what people want in an app. In less than 90 days, scruff has completely cured my delusions of monogamy. Is if your in a certain location, the great people you meet in this app should be in the same area.

    SCRUFF now has a server status page that is automatically updated every 15 If you are encountering issues connecting to or using SCRUFF.

    OK. 7-day uptime: %.

    SCRUFF Server Status

    As of: Thu Nov 15 (Los Angeles) Thu Nov 15 (New York) Fri Nov 16 UTC (United. Disable, delete or restore your profile · SCRUFF Support login issues · About SCRUFF Albums · Connection errors · Cancel SCRUFF Pro subscriptions ( Android).
    I upgraded to Scruff Pro.

    Even submitting a support ticket is broken. These are the most basic of search criteria and use to be free.

    I wish they would add one more group for the hottest guys of all time They, also, block your conversation after a few sentences if you don't pay a lot of money for their membership.

    I love the App.

    images scruff app not working
    All of this was made possible by Scruff. Good luck getting mentally and financially drained and depressed. They have continuously closed out the requests with no communication what so ever nor will they give me my money back.

    You never know it could be that hot neighbor you always fantasize about. I agree, these guys are greedy.

    images scruff app not working

    I used to be a pro but I cancelled it recently.

    Open the Settings App; Tap About or About Phone; Scroll down to running Android or later you will be able to install SCRUFF and access. SCRUFF is the dating, social networking, and travel app of choice for a # SCRUFF - Gay Guys Worldwide. Who doesn't love a weekend giveaway?. SCRUFF is the top-rated*, safest and most reliable social app for gay, bi, trans and queer guys to connect.

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    ☆ We offer rock-solid reliability, expressive profiles.
    Keep it up Scruff! There are many gay apps. Sexy men here there and everywhere!!!

    ‎SCRUFF on the App Store

    The design is way better as well. I keep getting this very often, have to resend my messages.

    images scruff app not working
    I want to filter based on percent of responses to men age Needless to say, if you are a minority, steer clear of this racist company!

    images scruff app not working

    This is the most well-made and best operating app for gay dating. The app is a great example of good design. And who am I to put a price on the visuals of my profile.

    I'm not even sure the profiles are real either.


    1. Strange gay social network.

    2. Unlike other apps where people hide through a mask, I feel Scruff has less catfish offenders. Pop-up ads and hijacking!

    3. Internet connection is fine as other apps are working just fine. And thank you for building a dating app that feels like it embraces my community.