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Eliminate time lost from endless back and forth emails and create a living document with Quip. You can share photos, documents, websites and your screen, and connect with participants on Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows or Mac, with end-to-end encryption. Smart salespeople know that the best way to make a sale is to meet unmet needs. Workshare Connect for Mobile. Meetings is an app dedicated to helping you create excellent meeting notes.

  • 19 of the best business meeting apps
  • for Meetings is a powerful meetings notes app for iPad.
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  • 5 iPhone Apps for a Better Business Meeting

  • Integrate these smart business meeting apps to improve your professional a- game. These five favorite meeting-oriented apps are a Swiss Army knife for planning, coordinating, executing, and following up on meetings.

    Scheduling meetings is one of the most common (and often annoying) tasks in the modern workplace.

    19 of the best business meeting apps

    When you're trying to bring a group of people together.
    Some of these apps also offer organizational tools to stay sure you are on track and remember to hit all the points you want to cover. The app even allows you to capture images within the app, so you can add a photo of whiteboard or an image from a presentation for later reference. The first month is a free premium trial period for all users. Over time, Meetings will allow you to establish a helpful record of all that you accomplished, decided, or planned over time.

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    But it doesn't have to be that way. Once the date and time is set, users and group members can access the meeting directly from the NeedToMeet app or from the website.

    for Meetings is a powerful meetings notes app for iPad.

    images apps for meetings
    Simply print minutes wirelessly from your iPhone to a WiFi-enabled printer. Fantastic companion tool for Keynote Thousands of customizable items Great for beginners, Quick and Easy Create stunning presentations, Great for meetings In-app purchases for additional content.

    The briefcase tool is where you can conduct discussions offline, leave comments, or access files, and everything is synced online.

    images apps for meetings

    Used by more than 26, customers, Zoom is popular for good reason. To create your custom presentation, simply drag and drop your presentation from the source.

    Meetings are a great way to get your team on the same page, discuss ideas, and plan You need a calendar app for scheduling the meeting. Juggling the demands of meeting and event planning is difficult, but new business technologies can make even the most hectic schedule.

    GoToMeetings also offers a free meeting planning app that give you screen sharing capabilities and audio conferencing for up to three.
    There are notification cards that you can use to keep you organized and you can even create workplace groups.

    The best iPhone apps for meetings appPicker

    Create excellent meeting notes Searchable Consistent format Capture images Share and print notes Meetings - Notebooks for Work app review: This amazing app provides full-screen multi-point video, allows you to view video and content at the same time, and more. The app works both ways because others can send you a document to sign as well.

    images apps for meetings

    Increase productivity Collaborate on a living document Personal or business Chat, message, and more Free meeting app for iPhone Quip app review: Simply print minutes wirelessly from your iPhone to a WiFi-enabled printer.

    images apps for meetings
    Apps for meetings
    Hosts and attendees can present documents from Box and Dropbox.

    5 iPhone Apps for a Better Business Meeting

    RingCentral Meetings Free Credit: They offer easy access to contacts, emails, notes and more. The Enterprise edition allows 75 participants, the Premium edition allows 50 participants and the standard edition allows four participants.

    At the conclusion of your meeting, provide your client with a digital copy of your presentation for later review by sending as an attachment.


    1. Zoom is a one-stop app for meetings, conferencing, and group messaging.