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A special focus lies on allergic diseases. At the same time, we also continuously address new future topics related to normal and malignant stem cells," Trumpp sums up HI-STEM's concept for the upcoming five-year period. Images have to be cited as follows: Necessary cookies Only cookies permitted that are required for the basic functionality of our websites. As a result, with increasing age the stem cells accumulate more and more DNA damage and ultimately fail and die.

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  • Press Release – Helmholtz Zentrum München
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  • 50 objetos de decoração que são o sonho de todo geek

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    Press Release – Helmholtz Zentrum München

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    The researchers in the team of Andreas Trumpp achieved a huge breakthrough when they discovered the stem cells that are responsible for the spread of breast cancer in the body. By using our website, you agree to the use of cookies. In pancreatic cancer, which can hardly be treated successfully to date, HI-STEM researchers led by Martin Sprick discovered how the cancer cells can become resistant to anticancer drugs: By experimentally blocking this enzyme, the HI-STEM researchers succeeded in making the cancer cells sensitive to therapy again.

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    images app relacionamento nerd
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    images app relacionamento nerd

    To achieve this, it investigates the interaction of genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle. You can personalize your cookie settings here: Our long-term goal is to develop new therapy approaches, break the resistance of cancer cells to drugs and find better ways of treating metastasis. The authors headed by Claudia Traidl-Hoffmann already set up the next project:

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    images app relacionamento nerd

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    Any commercial use is prohibited. They develop novel approaches to make tumor diagnosis more precise and treatment of cancer patients more successful.

    Please find more information in our privacy statement. The conduct of research takes place by means of five research fields: The analysis showed that the dominant bacterial species on the skin of atopic dermatitis patients are staphylococci.

    The purpose of all the research efforts at the IEM is the prevention of chronic environmental diseases, further the realisation of their exact diagnosis, and the development of effective and comprehensive therapy options.

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    images app relacionamento nerd
    Images have to be cited as follows: There you may also change your settings later.

    During the first two funding periods, the currently six HI-STEM research groups achieved numerous spectacular and much appraised results published in international specialist journals such as Nature, Science, and Cell.

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    Imprint De utsch En glish. Distribution of images to third parties is not permitted unless prior consent has been obtained from DKFZ's Press Office phone: The staff of the Cancer Information Service KID offers information about the widespread disease of cancer for patients, their families, and the general public.

    images app relacionamento nerd

    The HI-STEM researchers will use the forthcoming research period to enhance the treatment of leukemia on the basis of these findings in collaboration with colleagues from the Department of Internal Medicine at Heidelberg University Hospital.


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    2. HI-STEM researcher Milsom thus explains why with age our tissues and organs gradually lose their capacity to regenerate. There you may also change your settings later.

    3. You can personalize your cookie settings here:. An enzyme that is normally active in the liver breaking down toxic compounds is produced in large quantities in pancreatic cancer cells, rendering various anticancer drugs ineffective.

    4. We need cookies to continuously improve the services, to enable certain features and when embedding services or content of third parties, such as video player. Modern Medicine considers atopic dermatitis or atopic eczema as the portal of entry for allergies because sensitization and manifest allergy often develop in consequence to a damaged skin barrier.

    5. HI-STEM researcher Milsom thus explains why with age our tissues and organs gradually lose their capacity to regenerate. Subscribe to our RSS-Feed.